State Auditor Candidate Campaigns In Findlay

06/05/18 – 9:23 P.M.

Democratic candidate for state auditor Zack Space was in Findlay Tuesday to talk about his campaign. Space said that his Republican counterpart Keith Faber is too cozy with money interests to serve the state as the auditor.

Zack Space

Space said that this cost public schools over 80 million dollars that went to the now-bankrupt ECOT.

Space added that he wants to use the position to help address the opioid epidemic.


Zack Space

He said that right now it’s like all of the counties in the state are trying to re-invent the wheel when addressing the epidemic. By auditing the effectiveness of medic-aid programs, he said he can stop the waste of tax dollars on ineffective programs.

He said he’d also use his position to take down payday lenders and gerrymandering.