‘The White Lotus’ inspiring trips to Sicily

HBO/Fabio Lovino

Just as the 2003 romance Under the Tuscan Sun inspired people to jet off to Tuscany, HBO’s Emmy-winning dramedy The White Lotus has folks looking to spend some time in its shooting location, Sicily.

According to the travel booking site Hopper, interest in booking a Sicilian holiday has jumped more than 50% since the second season of The White Lotus began; specifically, the episode that aired on November 27 really seemed to kick that wanderlust into high gear.

While there’s no White Lotus hotel in real life, Hopper’s experts say travelers looking to share in some of the glamour and intrigue of the Jennifer Coolidge and Aubrey Plaza-fronted show can be expected to shell out $1,225 for round-trip airfare from the U.S.

Further, hotels in Taormina Coast in Sicily, where the show shoots, average $192 per night, though the site points out they can be had for as little as $90 per night provided you book in advance, and keep tabs on price alerts.

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