Kendrick Sampson reveals his little brother inspired his ’Something From Tiffany’s’ character

Courtesy Amazon Prime Video

Kendrick Sampson plays Ethan Greene in the new holiday rom-com Something From Tiffanys, which sees a wayward engagement ring bring together two individuals who just might be meant to be.

Ethan is a single father who is ready to pop the question to his girlfriend, Shay Mitchell‘s Vanessa — but his plans are derailed when the ring he buys accidentally winds up in the hands of Ray Nicholson‘s Gary. Gary then uses that sparkler to propose to Zoey Deutch‘s Rachel, which causes headaches for all involved.

Speaking to ABC Audio, Sampson revealed he drew inspiration from his little brother Jameson to bring his character to life. Why? Because Jameson is a Libra.

“Libras tend to make decisions,” he laughed. “And Libras will try to people please to their own detriment, like they’ll hurt themselves trying to be the compromiser in this situation and completely leave out their own desires and health. And that’s who Ethan is.”

Leah Jeffries plays Sampson’s on-screen daughter Daisy and she told ABC Audio she loved how the movie portrayed their loving relationship. She added how much fun she had shooting scenes with him, but admits she fangirled a little when she did scenes with Mitchell.

“I watched her in Pretty Little Liars,” she raved. “It was amazing filming with her.”

The actress noted the whole cast had amazing chemistry. “It was amazing filming on that set. I loved it so much,” she expressed. “I knew that it was going to be a good day every single day.”

Sampson noted he’s excited for people to watch their movie, adding it “feels like a warm hug,” which he says “a lot of people need right now.”

Something from Tiffany’s begins streaming December 9 on Amazon Prime Video.

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