“In a city of millions, no one hears you scream”: Paramount Pictures drops teaser to ‘Scream VI’

Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures dropped a new teaser to the sixth film in the Scream franchise, and what it lacks in dialog it makes up for in creepiness.

This time around, the action has moved from the fictional town of Woodsboro to New York City, where costumed revelers board a subway train.

However, for the previous movie’s survivors, including Jasmine Savoy Brown‘s Mindy, Melissa Barrera‘s Sam and Jenna Ortega‘s Tara, things take a turn when they spy several commuters wearing the Munch-like mask of the franchise’s Ghostface killer.

“Guys?” Sam says nervously.

A title card then reads, “In a city of millions, no one hears you scream.”

With the subway’s light strobing, one of the Ghostfaces gets closer and closer, eventually grabbing Mindy and covering her mouth as she screams.

The movie is set to debut in theaters March 10, 2023.

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