Ahead of the launch of ‘The Best Man: The Final Chapters’, star Melissa de Souza gives flowers to the fans

Peacock/Momodu Mansaray

On Thursday, Peacock launches The Best Man: The Final Chapters, the continuing story of Lance, Shelby, Jordan, Harper, Quentin and the rest of the friends from the hit Best Man films.

Melissa De Souza is back as Shelby, and she tells ABC Audio she gives the fans all the credit for keeping the story alive from the 1999 original film.

The reaction to the release of the trailer for the new limited series was viral, and for that, the actress is “grateful.”

“I mean, it makes us feel so good,” she says. “We’re so grateful for the fan base that we have, that we’ve had from the beginning. And they’re so enthusiastic. And I always say Best Man fans are the best.”

De Souza continues, “They are so supportive and they just really, really are excited. I mean, they’re not even, like, pretending and they’re the ones who made this happen!”

The actress enthuses, “So we have to say thank you to the fans because they have been asking for this for years, like straight up harassing the director. And I’m so happy that we’re able to give them what they asked for. And I hope they love it. I really do.”

The eight-episode series reunites De Souza with Morris Chestnut, Terrence Howard, Sanaa Lathan, Harold Perrineau, Regina Hall and Taye Diggs with the first movie’s director, Malcolm D. Lee, and follows “the beloved friend group … from midlife crisis to midlife renaissance.”

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